For the first time ever GKZ will hold a unique immersive lecture-seminar on "World and Russian classifications of HC reserves"

"GKZ with the support of the Eurasian Union of Subsoil Use Experts invites representatives of oil and gas producing companies, specialists of research and design organizations, members of expert communities, as well as representatives of Russian and international financial institutions to become participants of the first ever GKZ  immersive lecture-seminar "World and Russian HC reserves classifications (PRMS, UNFC, Russian classification), their interaction, similarities and differences, classifications harmonization and their use for asset management and fund raising in oil and gas projects and for the purposes of state management".   
The lecture-seminar will be held by:

Igor Shpurov -General Director of FBI "GKZ", First Deputy Chairman of the Expert Group on Resource Management under the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

Alexander Shpilman - Expert of the Technical Advisory Group of the United Nations Expert Council on Resource Management; member of the OGRC OGRC Committee of the SPE which develops and supports international PRMS classification; external expert of FBE "GKZ"; Board member of the Eurasian Union of Subsurface Use Experts.

For 5 hours 2 leaders in the field of resource management will be engaging the participants in a "dip diving" mode in the lecture-seminar on the world and Russian classifications, their history, differences and opportunities for convergence, transparency of barriers to harmonization of classifications, the main contours of PRMS, development and interference of world classifications, including UNFCC, Russian reserves in the UN: why this is needed and how it applies to asset management in the future.

Each participant of the lecture-seminar will be involved in a process of active communication with the speakers and this is a unique opportunity for each participant not only to get an answer to any question in real time, but also to contribute to the upgrade of existing (modern) HC classifications through dialogue with the speakers, as experts are members of key groups on the development of global and Russian HC classifications. macos/deepLFree.translatedWithDeepL.text
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